I am regularly asked just what is Fine Art Lifestyle Photography?  There may be clever definitions out there, but this is my own personal take on it that has been decades in the making… 

To brake it down into elements is the simplest way to explain what it means to me.

Traditionally, Fine Art Photography was see as photography made solely for exhibition – whether in galleries or other institutions.  I believe that this vision has shifted since the birth of the internet.  The intention of the photographer as artist is still the same but the way in which this art is now seen has become different.

Fine Art Photography is photography created in line with the vision of the photographer as artist, using photography as the tool for creative expression. The intention of Fine Art photography is to express an idea, a message, or an emotion.

To put these thoughts into the context of my Fine Art Lifestyle Photography, it is more of an approach.  It is about creating a cohesive body of artistic photographs – whenever I take a photograph – whether commissioned, for brand photography, editorial purposes or generated for content creation, it is my vision and mind that align to produce a photograph that conveys an idea, message or emotion that is at a level which is ultimately capable of being thoughtfully printed, framed and hung. 

About Julie Davenport

JULIE DAVENPORT is a Fine Art Lifestyle Photographer, a Creative and generous in sharing tips and hints for Photography, Creativity and a Creative Lifestyle. She has one goal – to inspire and empower creatives and aspiring photographers with heart centred education, support and encouragement to guide them to achieve their vision. Known for her signature style painterly touch and love of light and elegant composition, she draws much of her inspiration from Scandinavian painters and the seasonal rhythms of country life in her beloved Cotswold countryside in the UK. After a lifetime spent in photography, her work has now grown into a full time photography and education business - specialising in professional online training and inspiring other creatives, designers, makers and photographers. Through her depth of knowledge of her subject and unwavering passion, she has become THE authority for creative souls looking for heart centred education, support and encouragement to guide them through to achieve their vision.