This Creative Life Seasonal Planner Kit

Consider this… I live and eat by the seasons, happen to work to the rhythm of them and organise my hard drives to them too… so it makes sense that I plan my creative business in tune with them and yes it works!

A year is a long time –  come January you have big dreams for your creative business or practice.  There’s so much to do.  Enter overwhelm!  You start to make our plans and front load your beautiful new year wall planner and things run away with you – the rest of the year is literally blank on the planner and our yearly goals and plans quickly become forgotten and bear no resemblance of the  reality of what is really happening.

What’s needed is a road map that helps you start from where you are now and allows navigation to where you want to be… WITH CLARITY.    The secret’s out!  By dividing your plans into manageable 12 week blocks the overwhelm, fear, stress and all that comes with your big dreams are gone.

Checking in regularly with your long term visions will help you keep an eye on the end goal, and also the confidence that you are on the right path to get there.  By following This Creative Life Seasonal Plan you will start setting realistic, achievable creative goals with vision and to be able to work towards them with naturally paced plans that align with the Seasons.

Distill your creative dreams into plans with clarity and purpose…

Planning both for the whole year and by the seasons will help you connect your daily vision with your end goals.  Planning this way will help you find focus on your creative goals more naturally by flowing with what is happening around you.

I’ve created This Creative Life Seasonal Planners to help creative business owners, seasonal dwellers and creative souls just like you…

You’ll find over 100 pages spread over 5 workbooks, filled with encouragement, guidance and journal prompts to help you uncover what seasonal planning actually looks and feels like for you in your business and your life and so be able to live and work in step with the seasons quietly and comfortably. 

Five inspiring workbooks to download and print out if you want to – the first covers the arc of your year and guides you to scale down your goals into a primary and secondary destinations plus a third one that takes care of how you will get there through self-care.  This ensures that you arrive at your destinations not burnt out or overwhelmed… all put together in a way that is tailor made by you, for you.

Once you have worked through the annual workbook, then you will follow that by working through one of the four shorter, seasonal workbooks – here you will get to know the seasons, in a variety of ways – you will learn how they may affect you and your creative output.  Along the way you will be learning about the different themes and characteristics of the seasons to give us greater insight.  This will develop your clarity and purpose.

Seasonal planning helps us slow down to a natural pace and not try to front load our usual new year with enthusiasm and unachievable goals.  Along the way, there is a more soulful acknowledgement of our seasonal world and so a deeper connection with our own creative practice.  At the end/beginning of two seasons there is a transitional stage where we reflect on progress of the past season and look ahead to the path that lies ahead.


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