I believe that creativity isn’t a gift for a few – it’s a habit for all.

I’m evangelical about developing the habit of creativity in all ages – it isn’t a  gift for the few, but a habit for all.

I offer a range of educational workshops in Schools, Colleges and other institutions – through the magical processes that touch science, art, design and technology I hope to bring  a more mindful way of teaching and learning.  These workshops offer a perfect alignment to the STEM and STEAM subjects and also the Maker Movement –  with some history and botany too – without the Students knowing!

I want to promote wellbeing in children through photography – not only being outdoors, in nature but also bringing nature home – into the classroom. After the last 18 months, this is even more than ever…

From younger children through to teenagers and adults/teachers who are interested in learning the craft of Film and Contemporary Photography (a way that fuses both film and analogue) whilst touching art, science, technology and more – there’s a range of fun packed workshops to set them off on their Analogue Adventures.

9.30 – 3.30pm

Workshop offerings

Shoot, process and digitise 35mm film + make a canister keyring!

Making the most of your film in LR and PS

Darkroom printing

Lumen printing

Cyanotype printing

Contemporary camera-less photography

Through my own education in Graphic Design (honours degree), Fine Art Photography (MA) and PGCE in Further Education, I love to spread the passion that I have for my subject to curious minds through my workshops, fusing and connecting with STEAM subjects as I go…

I love to leave a session with students knowing that I have planted some seeds for the future to empower them to think in a more creative, three dimensional way in producing work – whether, art, design or science.

£150 a day with resources on a memory stick + chemistry and other materials at cost.