1:1 Masterclass Intensive – Different Path/Right Path

Find the support and guidance that you’ve been looking for

to direct you to your goals and bring to life the creative work that you’ve been dreaming of for years… All that with  a new level of self-belief and feel accountable to your goals and finally make it happen in your business and life.

During the past year, I’ve been quietly beavering away crafting a new Programme – 1:1 Masterclass Intensive – Different Path/Right Path.  There has never been a better time to align your photography with your dreams and aspirations.

I’ve created two six month programmes to support and guide YOU, my friend,  to build that sustainable photography business that works for you and not the other way around.  One that is fulfilling, joyful and well paced – along with new found confidence and self belief.

They are available separately or as a part one and part two of a complete programme… 

Part one – The Craft of Photography – your map to creating polished, print worthy photographs.

Part two – The Business of Photography – building your own sustainable business model to gather and maintain momentum.

The Craft of Photography


  • Could shoot in manual without thinking about all the buttons and dials
  • Be able to actually take the photograph that you have in your mind’s eye and produce print worthy photographs
  • Turn that photographic dream that you keep within you into reality
  • Be able to edit your photographs to bring your visuals to life
  • Have developed your very own signature style.
  • Feel confident as a still life and lifestyle photographer… and that you’ll be producing photographs that are instantly recognisable as yours

The Business of Photography 


  • Have finally have taken the leap and crafted the business you’ve been dreaming of…
  • You have a 12 month plan for your photography business – one that you know is achievable
  • Have the ability to produce a 3 monthly/monthly marketing plan with ease and that is actually fun to do
  • Actually started to make money from your photography
  • Have crafted a photography business that puts you in the driving seat, one that works for you and not the other way round
  • Have crafted a business that brings you joy – one with clarity, focus, and direction…

Is Different Path/Right Path right for me?

One or more of the following will resonate with you…

The Craft of Photography

The Art of Business

  • you haven’t a clue where to start
  • I keep my camera tucked away in the box
  • you’ve been given a DSLR and need help
  • you want to craft your own style and need help
  • you want to take your photography to the next level
  • I want to add polish to my work and have an exhibition
  • I would like to start to take photographs in black and white and learn how to edit them well
  • You dream of making photography your career, but first you need to up your photography game

  • you have a dream
  • you need accountability
  • what you do no longer feels right
  • you worry what if it’s the wrong thing
  • you’ve no idea where to start changing things
  • you need help to restructure your business
  • your needs and wants from your work have altered lately
  • you feel burnt out and feel the need to restructure your work


The Craft of Photography

  • preparing the ground – mindset, creativity, the heart and soul of photography
  • shoot in Manual mode with ease so that your camera becomes invisible and controlling the light
  • creative growth and Creating your workspace
  • editing 101 +  I share my workflow in LR and PS
  • building your print worthy portfolio – your studio photography – food, flowers, products, still life
  • kick-starting your creative career

The Business of Photography

  • plan of action and building timelines
  • a look at your space – your workspace, time and mind
  • your work – your whys, values, keystrokes and messages
  • rhythms and routines
  • discovering flow in your work
  • planning for productivity


  • A 60 minute coaching call every three weeks – that’s eight in all
  • During your coaching call we will follow the timetable that we’ve crafted together and reflect on the previous three weeks and look ahead to the next
  • Email guidance and support whenever you need it
  • I’m always just an email away for whenever you may need a little pep talk, accountability, guidance or encouragement along the way
  • A password protected client page with notes from our calls, timelines for you to follow and support items for you to download, to keep you on track.  This will keep your timetable for you to refer to, which I shall tweak along the way to cover any shortfalls that you may clock up along the way
  • Digital goodies for you to download and keep

What your coaching calls will look like

The Craft of Photography

  • first up we shall do a check in to establish where you are up to and where your destination point
  • we shall establish what the hurdles are that will or do get in the way of your progress
  • we shall make a five month plan designed especially for your needs – one that brings you joy 
  • together we shall work steadily through your plan
  • together we shall work steadily through your plan
  • your plan will consist of lessons, exercises and assignments for a personal project to grow your creativity
  • there will be some in-depth photo theory lessons
  • a beautifully designed eBook that comes in three volumes for you to download and keep
  • during month six, we shall have a month of reflection and I will devise a route map for you so that you can strengthen any weak areas

The Business of Photography

  • develop a business model that works for you and not the other way around
  • craft a marketing plan that you feel good with and thats fun too
  • finding more joy, flow and fulfilment in your business and creative life
  • your working rhythms and routines so you can find more momentum and joy in your every day
  • look at any negativity that get in the way of you making progress
  • positively bring intention and purpose to your business and creative life
  • developing a plan of action that you will feel happy implementing.

Six months together towards clarity, direction and purpose.

Your investment £2250.00

I’m now takings bookings the rest of 2021 – there are just THREE places