Or maybe you lack enthusiasm some days?

Well, let’s crack open your Creative First Aid Kit….

Some times you will experience a creative dip.  It happens.  Don’t worry, you simply need to grab your Creative First Aid Kit to bring back the oomph.

Trust the process!  Take action and inspiration will return…

You’ll hear me say, time and time again that we are all unique, so it follows that we need to build our own unique, bespoke Creative First Aid Kit.  I really do believe that creativity goes beyond the studio and that a holistic, integrated approach to a Creative Lifestyle will become the bedrock to your creative practice.  See creativity as a muscle… take care and it will become stronger. Look at these to give your creativity a shot.

Mindset – Building an open, positive and happy mind is an ongoing process.  A creative mindset is a powerful and positive thing and something to be worked on continuously.  Once this is set in place then your world will be come abundant.  You will be able to harness that power to create the change you seek.  It will become your ultimate personal power.  Look after it.

You can’t use up creativity.  The more you use.  The More You Have.  Maya Angelou.  

Space – both time and place.   Make time.  Set aside more intentional creative time.  Having that rhythm alone will focus your creative muscle.  Tidy your creative space and make your creative space inspiring again!  You may have had a big project on the go and have things left out like props from that shoot or backdrops that need tidying and sorting.  You may have contact prints lying around.  A tidy space makes space for new creative seedlings to grow. Loose the visual clutter to reveal visual clarity.

Ritual – I’m not going to tell you to take a bath surrounded by candles, but I am going to consider what little rituals – or routines that you have done when you have been at your most creative before.  You may like to gather some books to inspire, start a new sketch pad for your ideas and visualisations.  It may be that you make a mood board and gather something as simply as a colour scheme that resonates with you.

Personal project… I always like to have a personal project on the go.  They allow you to try out new ideas and test new ways without having to be accountable to anyone but yourself.  No deadlines. No pressure. They allow space for learning new skills. Having an ongoing personal project will allow you an entry point to get back into the water.  Practice. Practice. Practise.

And when you are creating again, you have an incredible launch pad for inspiration.  The act itself becomes motivating…

Once you are back in your creative zone, learn from how you found your way back in and also think of what things took you away.  A little most days will be enough to keep you there and remember, once you have finished a large project that you can indulge and reward yourself by picking up you personal project again – even if you only do a small thing on it daily.  This may be as simple as writing down new things you want to try, whilst you are waiting for a friend in a cafe.

About Julie Davenport

JULIE DAVENPORT is a Fine Art Lifestyle Photographer, a Creative and generous in sharing tips and hints for Photography, Creativity and a Creative Lifestyle. She has one goal – to inspire and empower creatives and aspiring photographers with heart centred education, support and encouragement to guide them to achieve their vision. Known for her signature style painterly touch and love of light and elegant composition, she draws much of her inspiration from Scandinavian painters and the seasonal rhythms of country life in her beloved Cotswold countryside in the UK. After a lifetime spent in photography, her work has now grown into a full time photography and education business - specialising in professional online training and inspiring other creatives, designers, makers and photographers. Through her depth of knowledge of her subject and unwavering passion, she has become THE authority for creative souls looking for heart centred education, support and encouragement to guide them through to achieve their vision.