I am becoming increasing interested in the notion of photography for wellbeing.  I have been reading and talking about it for a long time and sharing my thoughts, but now it is becoming of deeper interest.

Late Summer is the time for slowing down – with the UK and other parts of Europe experiencing soaring temperatures.  I heard only last week end of talk of another bought of hot weather heading our way during August.

I thought it would be fun to offer you a photo project for the month of August… a little inspiration of what to shoot for your own wellbeing during the coming month – whether you’re on holiday or still working…  If you’re working in an office or even in a home office, then maybe take a proper break at lunch time and take yourself for a photo project.   Get outdoors and breathe in some of Mother Nature’s offerings.  Even if you are in a city centre, perhaps you can find a park a short walk from where you work.

If you can only do say week days, then that’s just fine.  Simply commit to a regular rhythm that suits you and your life.  That way you will get to the end.

Here is a list to inspire your project and below are three sheets for the month that you can download and print out to keep a record of your project.

Use your phone if you want or maybe treat yourself to a little instant camera and film for the month.  You may want to embrace film for the month to see if it is for you – dig that old 35mm camera out from the attic – even if it’s a point and shoot one.  Get yourself a roll of film with 36 exposures on…


  • Maybe choose one time of day and take a photograph of that moment to record what you are doing.
  • Take a daily photograph of your favourite cuppa – or your breakfast.  Your supper…
  • Keep a photo diary, but only in black and white
  • If you are office bound, then break out and go to the park and take a photography of a different flower, or colour, or leaf shape or tree each day.
  • Get a friend to do the project with you – maybe one who you don’t see often and both take a photograph of your ordinary daily lives at a particular time – at the same time.  Consider the orientation of the images if you are doing this – both square or both portrait or one of each will work well…
  • Choose to shoot anything and everything on a daily basis, but with one colour.  One photograph a day.
  • Take self portraits but only in mirrors.  Different mirrors.  Daily.
  • Treat yourself to a shutter release cable or remote and take self portraits, but this time exploring the idea of the faceless portrait.

By having a specific project, this will not only get you thinking in a more creative way, but also the concentration required will become a few moments of mindfulness.  All these added together over the month will really mount up.

And, as a bonus I have made three Photo Project Planner sheets for you to download and print that cover the month – there are spaces for your project goals for the month and notes for each day of the month too…

And one last thing to try and incorporate into the rhythm of your project is Box breath – that is, whilst you are taking your photograph breathe as follows

In for four seconds

Hold for four seconds

Out for four seconds

Hold for four seconds

Most of all, enjoy your project – learn from it, get creative and up your well being in the process.

Wishing you a wonderful late Summer…

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